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Jan 17, 2010 11:00pm EST
senator kennedy. the gop victory would give republicans enough votes. >> in this place in america, you will have the closest place for the national senate because people in massachusetts don't want this health care to pass. >> if cokely loses, they will try to pass the senate version of the bill without making changes. tonight honoring the legacy of a leader, how dr. king is being honored in our nation's capitol and here at home. >> we will talk about the forecast of the week ahead. >> on this day before the marthin luther king, jr. holiday, they have ceremonies across the country. president obama attended worship services in washington, d.c. this morning, talking about dr. king's legacy and encouraging americans who are struggling financially. and here in baltimore, the members of shalom, attended with their honor of dr. king and a day of prayer for the people in haiti. government offices will be closed in observance of the king holiday, with banks and post offices also closed. >> now with your meteorologist. >> cold rain today, at least it was rain, and not snow. and looking at the d
Dec 31, 2009 11:00pm EST
iraq, their first new year's in america. >> now we celebrate our new year here in baltimore city. i wish and happy new year for all. >> they say this is a late arriving crowd. we have seen a few more people trickling down. >> we will check in with john a little later in the show and see if anyone else turned up. now we are going to the biggest new year's party in the nation. we have a live look for you at new york city. it is estimated more than 1 million people are at times where tonight waiting for the stroke of midnight. >> the party is well underway here in times square. everyone is waiting for a ball to drop to officially ring in the new year. the famous waterford crystal ball got a makeover for 2010. the steer you will see tonight contains nearly 300 crystal triangles woven into a special pattern under the theme "let there be courage." >> we have worked into a celtic knot. >> security will be tight, but that say they will not stifle the party. >> we want people to have a happy experience. >> the festivities got under way earlier today around the world. check out the show over
Jan 16, 2010 11:00pm EST
message to the people of haiti and the people of the world. in these difficult hours, america stands united. >> generous americans have already given millions. in pasadena, the owners did -- donors did not even have to step out of their car. vice-president by and ushered haitian americans that help is coming, despite a logistical bottleneck caused by the widespread devastation. >> as the general said, it is like putting a bowling ball through a straw. >> the students arrive and escape, but their nightmare is not over. >> this is not any sort of success story, because we are missing to professors and four other students. >> we are here and they are not. what do you say and what do you do? cracks in national, an emotional homecoming for a church group just back from the quake zone. -- >> in nashville. keeping haitians are alive is the mission of the usns comfort. >> only lowell melser is on board that ship. -- our own lowell melser is on board the ship. he is getting a better sense of the crew, including what makes them tick. >> the usns comfort would have a hard time existing if it we
Jan 20, 2010 11:00pm EST
"no more business as usual in washington, d.c." they are calling it a clear message from america on several issues. >> they do not want this health care bill. it is pretty darn clear. >> his urging lawmakers to focus on areas where they agree. >> there are a number of different ways to do this. >> we heard the we will move forward with their considerations in mind. we will move for more for health care. >> harry reid said they will wait to vote on health care until he is sworn in. >> you may have more votes than we do, but did you do it all by yourself, the public is not want to buy it. >> the latest poll seems to support that. the majority of americans oppose the health care plan, saying it is the most negative thing about this first year. >> congress is considering faster tax breaks for those who donate to relief efforts in haiti. a bill allowing taxpayers to write it off on the 2009 filing has passed the house. current law requires owners to wait until next year. a similar law was enacted for victims of the indian ocean tsunami. >> a local couple awaiting to bring home their h
Jan 22, 2010 11:00pm EST
team of america will be leaving tomorrow, and they are taking heavy-duty equipment with them. they will help clean up debris. the equipment was donated to the group by a local dealer called the pete store. >> we have the trucks and the equipment. between the first response team and their experience in disasters and our trucks, we can help and make a difference. if we can help, we should help. >> what a tremendous attitude. workers plan to donate their time for a least a year. the donated equipment is worth more than $1 million. >> all the major networks were hosting a go hope for haiti," a telethon to raise money for the devastated nation. michelle has more. ♪ >> it was a night of star- studded performances and emotional stories of survival. >> they make stretchers out of mattresses. they sent text messages from underneath concrete saying i am here, i am alive. >> the world of hollywood, rock, pop, and hip hop united, working phone banks and raising relief funds for earthquake victims of haiti appear in next call now, and make a world of difference. >> the "hope for haiti n
Jan 26, 2010 11:00pm EST
you can come home again. that is next. >> the megamillions. >> hello, america. this is tuesday, january 26. the jackpot is an estimated $121 million. to win you must match five white balls and the megaball. first number is 38, 7, up next we have 39. the next number is 8, and the final white ball for this tuesday evening is 48. now for the megaball. the number is 22. the win numbers, 38, 7, 39, 8, 48 and the megaball is 22. friday's jackpot could be worth there are 144 million. going out to dinner no longer fit into our budget. and so we started having these pizza parties on friday night. i learned how to make pizza dough. and we'd have friends come to our house. we know saving money is important. shop with your giant card and you can enjoy thousands of weekly specials and real deal savings, like top or bottom round roast, half-price, and progresso traditional soups, 5 for $6. this week only. when i look at my receipt and it says, "you saved $26," that works for me. only with your giant card. >> hi, everybody. i am steve davis. gerry is off. remember when maryland lost to mm and
Jan 29, 2010 11:00pm EST
america great again. >> no one, including the company executives themselves, are completely sure why this was their moment, a moment also shared by a mayor in waiting. >> maybe the president is making amends to the city of baltimore and the state of maryland. >> thanks for all the great work you do. thanks for hosting me. i know you guys probably have to fuss a little bit to get ready for us, but from my perspective, it was a great visit. >> the people here say they have never been politically connected before, but after a high-profile visit like this one, they may be now. >> the president says he hopes his trip to baltimore will help to amend washington's political divide. during his speech, he criticized house republicans for opposing him on taxes, health care, an economic stimulus. he said it is time for both parties to find common ground. >> i don't think they want more gridlock or partisanship. i don't think they want more obstruction. they did not send us to washington to fight each other in some sort of political steel cage match to see who comes out alive. that is not what th
Jan 12, 2010 11:00pm EST
. >> across america, it is mega millions. >> it is estimated $60 million. you must have these numbers. 31-56-9-5-37 are the white ball numbers. mega ball number is 16. if no one matches all six numbers, the jackpot closed to $73 million. good lu so, now with fios, you have facebook and twitter on your tv. amazing. let me, uh, tell my family about this. okay. "facebook on tv." watch this. [ ding ] boom. cool. boom. nice. wait for it. and... boom? boom. [ male announcer ] facebook on your tv and three times more very satisfied customers than comcast. this is beyond cable. this is fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> every nfl player has a season's worth of aches and bruises they have to play with during this time of year. it may be an inconvenience for some as the ravens prepare for the colts today. the practice was open to the media. joe flacco looked stiff but took part in drills. his passing numbers have plummeted over the past few games. there is concern about his injuries. an old back injury has been aggravated. one player told me he w
Jan 13, 2010 11:00pm EST
is to blame for the financial meltdown. bank of america, goldman sachs, jpmorgan demanded that they went overboard. another bank was included. >> home prices were going up, people were making money. >> it sounds like selling a car with faulty brakes and buying an insurance place -- a policy for them. >> the ceo's backed more regulation and defended employee bonuses saying no to that received them or not making risky decisions. it will issue its report in december. >> if the government daniels is listening, pick up the phone. it is not a big deal. the ravens are coming to indianapolis. pick up the phone and have a gentlemanly bet. do not be afraid. we will put up crab cakes and you can put up what effort it is that indiana does. -- put up whatever it is that indiana does. >> the next step to miami, the ravens are the underdog against the colts. >> what are the keys to winning this game? pete gilbert has the answer. >> the ravens put together a perfect game a week ago knocking off the patriots. the challenge is even greater this week. the question is, can they do it again? >> they have to
Jan 18, 2010 11:00pm EST
special people. they have done medical work in africa and in central america. more recently, they have been very committed to work in haiti. >> she says she even delivered a baby in the midst of all of the chaos. a local restaurant is encouraging you to donate to orphans affected by the earthquake. it has a special connection to the cause. that is where kerry cavanaugh is live with that part of the story. >> several years ago the wife of one of the owners here visited haiti and returned determined to help the orphans there. the restaurant has raised money for the haitian orphanages and encouraged employees to go and volunteer. one of the workers was in the haiti when the earthquake hit. >> it was hard to resist the p r push outside of the big bad wolf howls of barbecue. >> we help haiti. >> the diners inside were encouraged to contribute to the orphanages impacted by the earthquake. >> pc the devastation like that where people have not eaten in days. -- you see the devastation of like that where people have not eaten in days. i come out to do my part. >> they have been encouraging empl
Jan 1, 2010 11:00pm EST
of exactly 12 a.m. onjanuary 1st, the folks at g.b.m.c. believe 0 live ra rose allen is america's first baby of 2010. adrian and -- adrienne and jerry allen say the timing was a big surprise. >> the whole thing was really just -- unexpected. it was -- i didn't expect to have a baby but the -- the big joke, saying you got to get her in for the tax deduction and that sort of thing. this is a lot neater. >> adrienne was scheduled to be induced on january 2nd but obviously, little olivia didn't want to wait. and as 2010 baby new year, the hartford county couple says their daughter can look forward to a life-time of fireworks on her birthday. >> there's a hospital in cleveland claiming to have the nation's first baby of the new year, the allens say that's a title that they're happy to share. >> mike tyson is off the look. his attorney calls it a victory against harassment by the paparazzi. back in november the former haye weight champion and photographer were arrested after they both claimed they were hit by the other. but now, prosecutors say because of insufficient evidence the two men will not
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11